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DownTango is an innovative approach to file acceleration downloads. It combines the best features every download accelerator should have and serves them in a beautiful and easy-to-use manner.

Using it enables you to:

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Download any type of file you want!

DownTango makes it easy to get faster downloads, control your files and optimize system resources.
New features:

  • 100% Clean, free
  • Faster and more stable Download
  • Supports parallel multi-file downloads
  • Optimized bandwidth requirements, does not slow your browsing

Administer your downloads from anywhere

You can still access your downloads even if you’re far away from your computer - DownTango gives you a possibility to login to your account remotely, and check or modify your download schedule.

This way you don’t need to install the client anywhere except your main machine, which saves you a lot of time and hassle.

Enjoy a simple and efficient User Interface

DownTango’s principle is to be accessible and a pleasure to work with, even for less experienced users, therefore:

  • The UI contains just the most necessary elements - no clutter, only clear and self-explanatory stuff.
  • The options and settings are kept to the minimum - and even without changing or editing them everything will still work just fine.
  • The software integrates with your favourite browser, allowing you to download the files directly from there, which makes it even faster and easier.

Get DownTango for Windows
14.42 MB, Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

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Free download for Windows.

Download DownTango and enjoy the features of the best Download Accelerator within a few moments!

Support and FAQ

1. Which of the web browsers does DownTango integrate with?
It can be integrated with the most popular browsers, i.e. MS Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
2. Will I be able to download torrent files as well?
The torrent files themselves - yes, without any problem, however DownTango is not a P2P network client, so if you wish to use the torrent network you’ll need a dedicated client software.
3. Can I download files from shared hosting services when I don’t have an account there?
Yes, DownTango will present you with a CAPTCHA you’ll need to solve in order to be able to download the file, after which it will be added to your downloads list like any other file.

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