Tips For Renting A Limousine

There are lots of things to consider when planning a special occasion, and renting a limousine is one way to make the otherwise mundane task of getting to and from your venue into an event in itself.

A little research will go a long way when finding a reputable limousine service. Word of mouth is a great way to find a company, and most people you know who have recently rented a limo for a wedding, prom or party will be more than happy to recommend and give an honest review of the company they have used, and in some cases there can even be a referral discount for you or them if you end up using the same company. If you’d rather search online, look for online reviews or testimonies on rating websites. People are more prone to be brutally honest in an online format, but make sure you check a few rating sites, such as yelp, google reviews and the better business bureau to double check any company’s reputation. There are many limo companies like Airport Limo Toronto in Toronto Canada and at Toronto Airport there is Pearson Airport Limo make sure you book your car in advance.

Manassas VA Wedding Limousine Make sure you only rent from a reputable licensed limousine company. For instance if you were to rent a limousine in Manassas Virginia, the company would be registered with the State Corporation Commision, and would hold a valid Virginia Licence. In order to be registered with the SCC, a limousine service operator has to follow strict state guidelines. All the chauffeurs employed by the rental company will have to be 21 years or older, with a valid Virginia chauffeur’s licence provided by the local municipality. In many states it’s also mandatory that limo driver’s undergo initial and ongoing state patrol background checks and a medical exam and will also be subjected to random drug testing. During your initial booking conversation you’ll want to make sure to ask the company how it screens its drivers, it’s important to know that they take safety seriously and all the chauffeurs are vetted and professional.

As you can see, hiring a legitimate and properly licensed limousine service will guarantee that all of your bases will be covered when it comes to professionalism and safety.

When researching viable limousine services in your area there are a few things to consider, such as the number of passengers, the length of time you’ll need the limo service, the type of vehicle that’s suited to your needs, and if there are any additional services you’ll want from the limousine rental company. For example, if you’re renting a limo for a prom or a party function, how many people will be travelling in the limousine, and how long will you need to rent the limo for? In most cases limousine services will have a minimum number of hours that you’ll be allowed to rent the vehicle for, so expect to pay for a few hours even if you only need a one way trip to prom.

In the case of the type of limo you’ll want, most limousine services will have different models to choose from, giving you options when it coming to making your decision. If you’re only planning on having you and your partner in the limo on say, your wedding day, the smallest limo on offer will still provide ample space and a luxurious feeling without the high price tag. If you’re planning on having a large wedding party join you or want to arrive at  prom in style with a crowd, a larger model, such as a 14 passenger Ford Excursion would be more appropriate. A party bus is another great option if you want to make the journey as enjoyable as the destination, with lights, music and drinks, you’ll feel like you’re already at the party. It’s a great choice for bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and prom, with nonalcoholic drinks of course.

Limo Service In Manassas VAAnother thing to consider when choosing the limo to suit your needs is age of the vehicle. In many cases limo services have a few older models in their fleet that rent at for less than their newer ones. Don’t be afraid to ask about discounts for limos that have more miles on them. Most limo companies protect their investment and maintain their cars efficiently, so the age of the model shouldn’t be reflected in the quality of vehicle or ride comfort. It doesn’t hurt to ask about renting an older model, especially since the provider is likely to try to rent the newer, more expensive models first. Another way to reduce the cost of your limousine rental is book ahead, during a slow period. Limousine services like advance bookings and they often qualify for significant discounts. If you are booking a limousine for a concert or other big event, try to book a larger limousine and add friends. In this way, you can split the cost with your other passengers. This is popular for sporting activities, concerts and proms, and will add to the fun of the day.

Limousine Service In Manassas VAWhen you go to book your limousine it’s important to know the service you’re booking. Ask what services will be provided by the company or the driver, and how they will be dressed. Check if ice, soft drinks, or snacks will be provided, knowing that limousine companies will not transport, provide or allow consumption of alcohol by underage passengers. Also ask if you will be getting exclusive use of the vehicle during the contract period. After you’ve had all of your initial questions answered book a test drive in the actual model you’ll be travelling in, and while in it check out the following things: that the air conditioning or heating, television, sound system, lights or other features you have booked are in good working order. Note if the ride is comfortable and the vehicle is clean and that the limousine will comfortably and safely hold everyone in your party and that the vehicle is equipped with enough working seat belts for all passengers. Also check to see that the limo has the appropriate state’s vehicle inspection sticker on and that it is current and ask about the company’s vehicle maintenance program and the last time your chosen vehicle was serviced.

Black limousine in ManassasOnly after you’ve given the vehicle a thorough once over should you look at a contract. Ask for a list of what the cost of the limousine covers and do not sign a contract or pay any money until you have read the contract carefully. Look at the contract and determine if there will be any additional, or hidden, charges for gratuities, mileage and fuel costs or even vehicle cleaning. Make sure the contract specifies all the services and the particular vehicle that you want. The contract should give you exclusive use of the limousine during the entire contract period, make sure that it’s specified in the contract, as you don’t want to be delayed due to another booking. Finally, before you sign on the dotted line, make sure the correct cost is listed in the contract,  with all additional costs , including gratuities, mileage, fuel or vehicle cleaning are itemized on the contract and it specifies the exact price you have agreed to pay.

Manassas VA Limosine ServiceThe week of the event, call and check back in with the limousine service to confirm that the limo you have booked is properly scheduled. It’s best to be thorough, especially if you catch any potential scheduling mistakes, and while it can’t be guaranteed that the rest of your wedding or bachelorette party will run smoothly, the limousine you’ve rented will be everything you’ve planned.

Finally, don’t forget to tip your driver! Limousine chauffeurs are service providers, and just like waiters and taxi drivers, they work hard for their money and should be given a tip in addition to the hourly wage they receive through the limousine service they work for. Tips should range from 10% to 20% depending on the quality of the service. For a typical limousine bill of $100, the driver should receive a basic tip of about $15. If service was extraordinary, you can add on another $5, or if you are being driven to or from the airport and have luggage you should provide $2 to $5 per bag in addition to the traditional tip. Tips may be added to your existing credit card charges or may be supplied in cash. Check with the contract so see what the company’s policy on handling tips are.

Remember to respect the driver and treat the limo better than you would your own car, but most importantly remember to have fun and enjoy the luxury of of travelling in style in your very own limousine!

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